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We attach great importance to high quality products and training.




BIO SCULPTURE - TRAINING Everything geared towards success

Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your career as a nail artist or are an experienced nail designer, we offer appropriate, professional training for all levels with the official BIO SCULPTURE certification.
Our trainers are trained intensively and have to take an exam every year so that we can guarantee that your training meets the highest requirements.
Our training courses combine in-depth, theoretical training with extensive practical application so that you can carry out every nail treatment safely and independently.
After completing the training, you will continue to receive professional support from our team regarding treatments and marketing. With BIO SCULPTURE it is easy to find a training tailored to your experience so that you can work with the best nail products.

BIOGEL THE ORIGINAL of the removable gel systems

BIOGEL. The nail design gel that leaves nothing to be desired. The original from Bio Sculpture - the inventor of the world's first, removable color gel system. An ideal gel system for shaping, lengthening, repairing and correcting nails. BIOGEL reliably ensures strong and flexible protection of the natural nail. This exceptional product is right at the top as the first choice for professional nail designers who, thanks to in-depth training at Bio Sculpture , can work successfully with this nail design gel. With the variety of different treatment BIOGEL offers tailor-made nail care solutions for every nail type.


EVO UV LED Gel Lacquer EVOlution

Beauty loves the incomparable. Bio Sculpture has reinvented the UV LED gel polish: With EVO the unique UV LED gel lacquer system, the possibilities and quality of which will amaze even seasoned professionals. EVO UV LED gel lacquer is the innovation and EVOlution for fast, reliable and aesthetically extremely high-quality color overlays with a long shelf life and self-smoothing effect. The LED-curing EVO gel polish system is easily removable without damaging the natural nail. Successfully committed to beauty and consciously committed to nail health.

Of course, the EVO gel BIOGEL system is completely compatible with the BIOGEL system.


GEMINI - in German twins - is the all-round nourishing nail polish from Bio Sculpture, which is matched to the shades of BIOGEL . The color palette includes over 150 trendy colors..
The valuable, natural ingredients countPlant extracts from aloe vera, lemon and ginseng to strengthen the nails.
The nail polish is characterized by its quick drying and long lasting Properties. Additionallya UV filter protects from color changes. GEMINI is Free of Styrene - and brings its own brush: This optimizes the even application of paint, ensures perfect coverage and precise work.

GEMINI is 100 vegan and made without animal testing. 


ETHOS The nail care innovation

ETHOS is the new nail care line from Bio Sculpture. The first-class products care for a wide variety of nail types and nail constitution. The 8 top products of this nail care line are presented in a new, elegant and fresh Bio Sculpture look and are each available in striking 14 ml bottles. ETHOS is the ideal line for professional use in the salon and also for care at home.e.

In accordance with the ethical principles of Bio Sculpture , ETHOS products do not contain any animal components and are not tested on animals..

BI-OLYGEL Super strong and long

BI-OLYGEL is a UV gel that is reinforced with an acrylic paste in order to bring out the best properties of both the gel and the acrylic system, creating a firm hard gel that is easy and quick to apply. The gel has a paste-like texture that is applied in an acrylic style over a BIOGEL or EVO base layer with a dabbing and smoothing motion. It cures in 60 seconds under a UV or UV LED unit. There are 5 color variations available: Glow, Blush, Blonde, Ice and Frost. While BI-OLYGEL for overlays and short sculptures, the pasty texture allows the skilled technician to create very long sculptures where extra strength and precision is required.
BI-OLYGEL is successfully used in conjunction with BI-OLYGEL sculpture molds to create and apply pre-formed replica tip sculptures. In combination with color and HP gels, BI-OLYGEL the creative possibilities of the artistic 3D nail artist.



Inspired by nature, the Bio Sculpture Spa Range was provided with valuable ingredients that moisturize, protect and regenerate the skin and cuticles - for a soft skin feeling.

salon Products and accessories

In this category you will find the right accessories for your workplace. Whether files, brushes, nail polish remover, UV and LED lamps or work tools - Bio Sculpture provides you with all the important work tools..


CARMEN Perfume

The new perfume from BIO SCULPTURE - is young, light and with soft, sensual elements.