BIOGEL colors

BIOGEL is the original from the inventor of the world's first removable color gel system. A non-splintering, UV & LED-curing gel system that lasts for weeks with which natural nails can be shaped, extended, repaired and corrected. BIOGEL offers a strong and flexible protection of the natural nail and can be easily removed without damaging the natural nail. With the variety of different treatment gels, BIOGEL offers tailor-made nail care solutions for every nail type. The large color palette includes over 160 trendy color gels.

BIOGEL is 10 free, 100% vegan and made without animal testing.

BIOGEL is exclusively for professional use in the salon and is sold exclusively to beauty professionals who have been trained by Bio Sculpture ® .

0271 Happy Hydrangea - BIOGEL
271 Happy Hydrangea - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
0275 Prancing Protea - BIOGEL
275 Prancing Protea - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
0274 Perky Pollen - BIOGEL
274 Perky Pollen - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
0273 Crazy Daizy - BIOGEL
273 Crazy Daizy - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
0272 Popping Petals - BIOGEL
272 Popping Petals - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
my Winter Collection
Die neueste Kollektion von Bio Sculpture BIOGEL. Die 5 BIOGEL Farben der my Winter Collection kaufen und 5 GEMINI...
0270 Cheery Blossom - BIOGEL
270 Cheery Blossom - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
0268 Blue Mushroom - BIOGEL
268 Blue Mushroom - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g
0267 Ornamented Arch  - BIOGEL
267 Ornamented Arch  - BIOGEL Inhalt - 4.5g verfügbar
0266 Clay Pathway - BIOGEL
266 Clay Pathway - BIOGELInhalt - 4.5g verfügbar
0265 Chipped Bark  - BIOGEL
265 Chipped Bark  - BIOGEL Inhalt 4.5g
BIOGEL Base White Screed Contents - 10g, 25g available