The newEvo Suede Matte Top Coat has a velvety finish that retains the matt suede effect for a long time. Evo Suede Matte Top Coat cures without a dispersion layer.

Evo Suede Matte Top Coat replaces the previous Evo Matte Top Coat.

- Apply a layer to the hardened color gel and harden for 30 seconds.

- Evo Suede Matte Top Coat does not need to be cleaned. However, cleaning with Polish Remover or Evo Cleanser helps to protect light colors against possible discoloration during the period of wear.

Finishing gel for Evo overlays
- Self-smoothing for perfect surfaces 
- Matte finish
- Easy detachment
- 10 free
- 100 vegann
- Made without animal testing

Gel Suede Matte Top Coat - EVO